Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Things Important:

Please don’t be turned off because I won’t be doing this often at all so bear with me this time. This is important! And for those of you who already do this I thank you.

I don’t know if the immediate need of the web site itself is still strong. But I do know it is a good cause so I’m getting behind this. Free Mammograms for those in need.

It is free to do and all you need to do is point and click once a day to this website The Breast Cancer Site. Once there click on the large pink button and wait a moment for conformation. All done for today. You just gave a free mammogram to someone in need.

The site is filled with advertising that is paying for the mammograms. You don’t have to buy a thing. (You can if you want to of course.) These business’ are paying money to place their advertising and that money is paying for the mammograms.

So even if you never think about it or just don’t like to, cancer is out there and people need your help. It only takes a few seconds of you time.

Please bookmark the website and click it each day. If not, you can always use the link I have on the left side of my blog. You will be saving a life. Because if the cancer is not caught early with a mammogram it will spread and it can kill.

I know some of you are thinking, ‘Lady Deathwatch behind saving a life?’ But that is the beauty of the thing. We all die in the end, we don’t get out of this alive, but we don’t all have to died from breast cancer if we get it.

On another subject, I am still sick in bed but I promise pictures tomorrow. And don’t forget to click the link.

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