Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Progress Lost:

Those of you in the know are aware that I hurt my foot. This has led to a non-exercise cycle of late. Okay, I was sitting on my posterior and snacking. We all know that this leads to no good.

I have gained three pounds. That is three weeks of work down the tubes.

Horrified, I knew that something had to change and since the exercise and weight loss was not going to come to me, I had to get going and get back to it.

Today was the first day back doing the yoga this morning. Slipping on my foot brace. (Okay, yes I was on my back on the floor struggling to get the thing in place for ten minutes before I could get started. I did find some things the dogs had lost under the furniture while I was convalescing.) I managed to complete the hour of exercise but I just wanted to go back to bed I was so tired. I have lost a little flexibility but that will soon come back. Reference the third sentence of this paragraph.

Breakfast: one cup cereal, Toasted oat rings with a half cup of low fat soy milk and two Tablespoons of fresh picked blueberries. My tongue is hanging out with hunger.

This is the same breakfast that satisfied me for months a few weeks ago. Now after falling off the wagon I want boxes of cereal with gallons of milk and buckets of fruit. And sugar, give me sugar! To heck with the hot flashes and joint aches. I want the sugar high back.

How do I fall so fast and so far? My body and it’s cravings have taken over again and left me this weakened fatter self. Gotta’ get my head back on strait and my caboose back in spandex.

Today’s mantra is ‘Sugar is bad, Exercise good.' Can you hear me mumbling it with the cookies in my mouth?

Tomorrow is the thirteenth and silly day. Join the fun.

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