Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Seasonal Transition:

The shift has started. I am getting ready to drag out the winter things and put away the summer. The winter bedding is being freshened out on the clothes line.

This was started no surprise by a chilly night under the lack of covers. The thermometer dipped down below the comfort zone just for one night but that was enough.

Plans are now underway to move belongings out and around. Sweaters replace tank tops in the drawers. And in reverse in the plastic boxes under the bed.

We have no attic or basement storage so the shift is from inconvenient place at the bottom of the stacks of boxes to a more convenient place higher up the pile in the corners of the closets.

And the things that have out lived their usefulness in our lives will be thrown out, recycled or moved on to a new owner.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. No, not just Halloween and falling colorful leaves. It’s the nesting. The getting ready for a long winter snuggle down. Pulling the parts of my life that have wondered away, back in to set and mellow. Once the harvesting and canning is done the feeling of a job well accomplished. We did it ourselves again this year pride.

For the next few weeks I’ll be over worked but the end result is worth it. I get to settle in and relax. My canning shelves full of food we grew ourselves and a fire crackling in the wood stove warming my tea. I can’t wait.

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