Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Turning a Corner:

Ribbit, Ribbit, Cough, Wheeze, Sneeze. I spoke too soon. Yesterday, I said we weren’t really sick. Last night it started and now we sound like frogs.

Where is all this sickness coming from? I feel like a kid again. One illness after another.

But on the bright side I sound silly. I say things just to hear my new croaky gravelly voice. I was talking to my lace making just to listen to it. (My voice not the lace. The lace didn’t talk back. That’s a good sign right?) Ha, ha.

Okay, enough of the silly stuff. I broke out my corner lace making pillow and was working on a piece of handkerchief edging since I still had enough black thread on the bobbins left over after I made the lace for my blouse.

Those are large marbles in the bottom of the basket to give it weight so it doesn’t slip and slide all over the place while I’m working. I keep a covered brick in bottom of the other one that you saw in earlier posts.

One turn around the pillow is one side of the handkerchief and a corner. One more round to go. Then it’s back to the mouse mittens I started in the car when we went to get bird seed.

Here’s hoping we have turned the corner to being sick too.


Rebecca Nazar said...

I hope you feel better soon. Spring colds and flues stink.

Rachel May said...

ooooh, I like your lace. I also like frogs. Drink lots of orange juice and eat a little chocolate!