Friday, March 27, 2009

On Spring Organization:

They call it ‘Spring Cleaning’ but it is more then that for me.

I don’t just want it clean. I want it Organized! The clutter of winter, crammed in the house, lazy leavings, mess to be gone.

I want neat and even, open spaces, bright and new. Visions of neat rows of vegetable and flower gardens dancing in my head as I dream of a Spring Cleaned house.

I want my ducks in a row, facing the same way, onward and upward.

But alas, I am not that person. I pick up a lost homeless object, gotten over the winter, and search for a home for it. By the desk? In the bed room? Needed in the kitchen? Bathroom supply?

All spaces are occupied. I move out a thing-a-ma-gig because the new thing fits better there. But where to put the thing-a-ma-gig? Put the thing-a-ma-gig where the what’s-a-ma-call-it is. Move the what’s-a-ma-call-it to the upper shelf where the thing-a-ma-bob was.

But where do we put the new thing-a-ma-bob when we get another one for the summer.

I ‘round robin’ the things in my house until I can’t find anything any more.

It’s time to start over again and this time move things out first. But I love all my thing-a-ma’s and what’s-a-ma’s and who’s-it’s. So I have to dig down deep and give them up anyway.

Anyone in the market for a bent and worn out who’s-it’s? It’s full of love and memories.

Time to recycle seldom used things.

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Mouse said...

I watch organizing shows on tv and sigh when they reveal the final rooms -all clean and neat.. and then I look around this place and wonder why this place can't look like that. My MIL is a clean freak- her house looks like a museum- and she comes into my house a few times a month and makes that 'tisk'-ing sound when she walks around. I'm planning on making a shirt that says "some people are born organized and others are born CREATIVE". I should send you one? lol.
(also.. I love rescuing furniture, just ask my husband)