Monday, March 23, 2009

On Don’t Bother To Smile:

My camera died. No rhyme or reason, it just stopped working the right way, then it died.

I was trying to take the pictures of my finished projects that you see here. (The bobbin lace I made sewn onto my blouse and the lion and pig puppet mittens for the Kevin’s Mittens Charity.)

When I pushed the button to take the picture the camera would just make its dinging noise and shut down. After a while it would take some pictures but there were lines all over the shots. I then started taking a large amounts of shots just trying to get something useable. After that it just got crazy and would do things at random, one after another… flashing, adjusting focus, switching modes, clicking, chiming, whorring, buzzing.

This went on until I took the batteries out because it would not shut down any longer.

I removed it’s memory card and found a few shots that I could use but the camera lies lifeless on my desk. Its batteries at its side.

Later today it will go in the box where I keep the spent electronics to await recycling. But I will miss that camera. We had a lot of fun together. I will go to the store and contemplate the replacement.

The new camera and I will have a different relationship. It will have its own bells and whistles but it will never fill the hole in my heart where my first digital camera once filled.


Mouse said...

Ugh.. digital cameras! Mine does the same ugly things when the batteries get too low - it scares me every time! I love the lace, its gorgeous!

Rebecca Nazar said...

So sorry. I felt the same way about my old computer. There's something magical about "firsts".