Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Getting on the Right Track:

Today I have decided to spend some time on things already started. In my knitting basket I have a pair of puppet mittens ‘frogs’ unassembled, striped knee socks, a throw for the bed, a shoulder wrap for the wedding, hot water bottle covers, and did I mention some more puppet mittens ‘pigs’ in the process.

In my sewing basket I have the black velvet cape to hem, it is waiting for me to buy more black cotton thread.

I won’t even get into the dolls and the dolls houses. Apparently now that I’m devoting more time to writing I don’t have the time for the dolls I’m writing about.

My ‘to start’ projects have become a list so I really have to get some things out of the way.

And I will get my house to rights this morning before I touch one project, mostly because I’m out of dishes to eat off of.

Tomorrow is Silly Day the Thirteenth and I still have to come up with an idea. I hope something comes to me while I’m cleaning up around here.

Well, the clock won’t stop ticking just to let me catch up so I’ve got to get down to business. I’ll read up on all the blogging I’ve been missing in the next few days as I get a few minutes here and there to do it. Mountain Man has gotten used to having the computer to himself these last few weeks so it may take a while.

Spring is around the corner I just know it. And I want to be ready to enjoy it when it comes.

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