Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On Trying to Catch Up Again:

After my tests so far:
Apparently I only passed a stone this time so since the gall bladder is not infected itself, no surgery at this time.

What I need to get caught up on:
I’ll have to get caught up with the Epitaph of the Week and the Contest, because I did say I would be doing it again on March first.

I’m supposed to have another story out on my Thrill or Shiver blog today. Maybe later on this afternoon.

I have shopping to do. The refrigerator is getting quite bare.

House work. Mountain Man kindly left most of the dishes, all the laundry and other house hold chores on my list for me to do now that I’m feeling a bit better. He didn’t want me to feel unneeded I guess.

I have emails to answer. Hundreds of back logged blogs to read from last Thursday evening on.

Knitting mittens and getting back to other projects.

Getting back on my exercise schedule.

What I did while I wasn’t feeling well:
On and off during the last few days I slept, watched movies on the DVD player, napped, moaned and groaned, slept, did a few Sedoku puzzles, dozed, got kisses and hugs from Mountain Man, slept. I only got a few rows of knitting done and no reading to speak of. I don’t want to see my bedroom for a while. I’m tired of looking at those four walls at the moment. I fasted to let my system heal and lost six pounds without lifting a finger or anything else to my mouth. I don’t recommend doing it for weight loss by the way.

I still feel like a limp dish rag but I’m feeling much better. I have to get back to running speed again but it will happen as things fall into place.

Thank you for all the wonderful well wishes that people sent me while I wasn’t feeling well. It helped a lot to know you cared.

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Mouse said...

My husband always leaves all of the cleaning for me while I'm sick too.. it MUST be love. lol. I'm glad to hear that there won't be any surgery at this point.. but gall stones SUCK!