Sunday, March 29, 2009

On Pay Attention Please:

I’ve been waking up early the last few days. Coughing fits mostly. Bleary eyed and tired I’ve mostly just been spring cleaning these days. But… There was that bit of lace almost done on the pillow.

I’d go over and peek under the dust cover. I’d do a stitch or two here and there, maybe even a repeat. Then I’d go back to work.

Finally it was finished. At least the lace making part was anyway.

I had decided on making a lesser fusing of the threads to connect the two ends into a square. Usually I make four corners and five sides. I place the two end sides together, overlapping, and then snake one thread out of the bottom layer and snake it into its sister part in the top layer replacing the matching upper thread as I went.

I’d do this in varying lengths so that the connection is invisible. But, as this bit of lace was just going to be a prop for my cemetery pictures I went for the overlapping of just one repeat method. Still acceptable, but it shows. Not unless you look for it, but it shows. (Yellow arrow in picture points to it.)

Do you see the problem? A beginners mistake. I twisted my ends. It doesn’t lay flat. The bottom edge in the picture is twisted. It is not useable as is.

I could go back and fix it but the time involved would take longer then the time to make another piece of lace. So it will go in the arts and crafts box of bits and bobs to be cut up and used in scrap projects.

Not a complete loss but I do have to start over if I want to have a new handkerchief with lace edging.

Next time I’ll pay it more attention.

Sunday, Weight loss/ health update: No change. I haven’t been exercising a lot, do to my coughing fits. I did get off of the refined sugars and flours. A major accomplishment for me.

It is now whole grains and natural sugars, like honey, in small amounts. My cravings have greatly diminished and I hope to be exercising more this next week because I expect to be getting better from this spring cold.

Epitaph Contest is a go for this week, March 29 to April 4. Click the headstone on the side bar for rules. Tomorrow I’ll show the prizes to choose from.


Mouse said...

Wow.. that's a shame its twisted.. its still beautiful though.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, please visit often :)

Sooticas Dream said...

I'm with Mouse....still think it's gorgous!

I'm trying to loose weight too....I've found saltanas & raisins are great for my sugar/sweet cravings!