Monday, March 16, 2009

On Spring, Trees, and Lace:

I was outside yesterday. Yes, I do on occasion let the sun kiss my lily white flesh. The crocus’ are blooming and we went out to rake away the leaves we left as mulch over the bulbs for the winter.

The trees are still barren and haven’t even started to blush with buds. I love to look at the lacey twigs and branches against the sky. It made me want to pick up my bobbins again…so I did.

I wanted to make some black lace edging but I didn’t have any left set up in the pattern I was looking for.

So, I spent a few hours filling 18 bobbins with the proper size thread and making a new set a prickings. (Prickings are the stiff papers with holes to place the spacer pins into.)

This pillow in a basket is from my colonial re-enacting days. It is one of my favorite patterns to make. Little fans in a row. (The white lace here has been continued through color changes and removing the needed yardage from the back end for over eighteen years now.)

Bobbin or pillow lace is a woven lace made on a pillow. You weave the lace as you go, using the prickings and pins to space the lace out uniformly. The pins are moved from the back of the work to the front as needed. The bobbins hold the thread and they are generally used in pairs.

You keep a pocket at the back of the work to catch the lace, to keep it clean and off the floor. The bolster like hard stuffed pillow is turned in the basket as you go so you can continue working without stopping.

A dieing art, but lovely you must agree.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Oh, how exquisite. Do you make any hair art? I know it was fashionable during the Victorian Era.

Mouse said...

If only (again!!!) we lived closer.. I would LOVE to learn how to make lace!

BlackCrow said...

this is just mind boggling! What happens if you do a wrong stitch somewhere? This is some pretty intense looking craft!
Amazing photo's.

Guzzisue said...

hi, must admit that I have never had two lots of lace on the same pillow :-) Dying art as you say but many of us keep plugging away at it! Interesting blog- just off to read more