Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On Replace and Renew:

Well, yesterday was a day spent finding a replacement for my dead camera. And on Black Raven’s recommendation I picked up two CDs of the band Evanescence. The albums ‘Anywhere but Home’ and ’The Open Door’ will be getting a lot of play time at Lady Euphoria’s abode as they are my new exercise work out music. (I’m finally taking my weight loss seriously. No More Refined Sugar for me!)

Back to the camera. I decided to get a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. (I had to take a picture of the box because I found it impossible to get a picture of the camera I was using to snap the picture with. I suppose I could have taken the picture in a mirror but then it would have been backwards in the picture.)

I like the features of the new camera that my old PowerShot A60 didn’t have. But I have to say that it is going to take a little time to get used to the extra weight of the new camera.

I had to buy a camera case too because the new camera doesn’t fit in my handbag any longer. I also threw it all in and got a larger memory card, 16gb. I’d like to start playing at making some stop action animation and didn’t want to have to go back and forth to the computer to have to dump pictures while I was doing that. Impossible if I’m doing it on location in a cemetery.

Now that I have a new camera I’ll have to recalibrate and recalculate my stereograph picture taking. I had worked out a nice quick and easy system for taking them with the old camera and now it’s back to square one.

I’m happy with the new camera so far so my crafting projects may suffer a set back while I ‘play with’ , scratch that, ‘learn to use’ my new toy.

Now, how much weight do you think I’ll loose if I carry my new camera everywhere I go.
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Guzzisue said...

looks like a great camera choice, I have powershot S51s, wonderful macro facility just a shame that I've only just started using it again after breaking my arm.. have been using trusty fuji f11 for last 4 months as I can operate it with my left hand :-)

Mouse said...

Oooh cool camera! I know next to nothing about them but it looks big and fancy, therefor it MUST be cool. Evanescence is one of the few newer bands that I actually really like.. the singers voice is amazing. I also really like Collide - another female vocalist /gothy-industrial sound.

Black Raven said...

Hello Lady Euphoria,
I enjoyed reading this post very much.I congratulate you with your new camera!I hope you'll make many beautiful and Gothic pictures...

Thanks a lot for including my blog's name in your post.

So,did you like Evanescence's albums?

P.S.-Black raven