Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Contests Here and There:

On Contests Here and There:

Congratulations Fuzzarelly! Thank you for playing in the Epitaph contest.

You can find her blog here. Fuzzarelly your package will be in the mail as soon as you pick out a prize and give me a mailing address.


I have decided to join in the weight loss challenge/ contest over at Woolen Rabbit and Knitigator. It is a three month challenge.

I hate feeling like I am all alone in the weight loss battle. I know I am not but I don’t have anyone to talk with about it when I need to. You know how it is.

Anyway, I’ve jumped in with both feet. And here are my statistics at the moment. (Not required of the contest, by the way.)

Weight 195
Bust 45 1/ 2 inches
Waist 40 inches
Hips 52 inches

That was really hard to write out for all to see. If I hadn’t come down from a top figure of 250 pounds a few years ago I might not of been able to tell you where I am now. But it is time to get back on the weight loss trail again in earnest.

I’ll add my stats. at the bottom of my post every week so I will stay accountable. Feel free to ignore it. I hope to be 125/130 pounds again some day. This should make a good start. If only I can keep away from refined sugar...

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Katt said...

By the way, your beautiful necklace has arrived and went for its first outing to see La Boheme at the English National Opera. :) It is very beautiful, so thank you so much!