Thursday, March 19, 2009

On So far, So Good:

I had my cancer support group meeting yesterday so I didn’t get as much done on my unfinished projects as I had hoped.

I did finish the frog puppet mittens in the kids size. The pink thread at the cuff, in the picture, is where I tied them together.

I now have two pig puppet mittens bodies and heads done also. Now I have to make the mouths, ears, eyes, tongues and curly tails.

I got half the hem on the cape sewn. The cutting and pinning took longer then I thought it would. After that is done I’ll have to add the braiding at the hem edge so the drag of the longer back doesn’t fray the velvet or lining as fast.

I made a few more inches on the black bobbin lace I was working on for the black men’s shirt I‘m making over into Victorian style blouse. It takes longer when you have to work back and forth between the two colors before turning the pillow to be able to continue.

I could have cut the white threads and changed it to the black thread. I have done that before. But I can always use the white lace on other projects.

Well back to work. If I’m lucky we might get out to a cemetery later on today and get some more pictures. We’ll see how it goes. It’s snowing at the moment. I did want some snowy cemetery pictures with the cape but this snow looks too wet for that.


I'm still looking for some new epitaphs. Put on your thinking caps folks.

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