Saturday, March 14, 2009

On To Dance the Tango:

To start with, I will ask you not to hate me. I see you rolling your eyes. I’ve been married to Mountain Man for over nineteen years and either some things go my way and others his or there is no real marriage to begin with.

I have said it before, that Mountain Man takes me for a spin around the kitchen every once in a while. There may or may not be music playing and off we go. No plan or event just a dance in the kitchen on occasion.

I love my husband and I’m not giving away any secrets here when I say he can’t carry a tune in a bucket and has no rhythm to speak of. We don’t watch Dancing with the Stars and have never danced together on a date. This is just kitchen fun between ourselves.

Now, Mountain Man is not immune to my wistful looks every time we watch ‘The Addams Family’ on DVD and they dance the tango. He knows how much I want to tango with him. And I know how much of a Left Foot Louie he is. It is not to be.

That is, not until resent events. He has agreed, without my pleading by the way, to learn the Tango. We purchased three DVD’s blindly from the shelves of the video section of the book store.

Kultur’s ‘You Can Dance Tango’ with Vicki Regan and Ron De Vito, $19.99. This is by far the easiest to learn from if you are a beginner. Even Mountain Man’s two left feet have made it past the first lesson in the first fifteen minutes.

I had it all down in less then an hour. With their easy step by step method. Four different steps are taught separate and in combination. We are dancing the tango and will be dancing it together at my daughters wedding this summer. Woo whoo! Or maybe I should have said, ‘Olay!’

I have Sally’s Song the remake version from The Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack on the Stereo. The song is done over in a tango at the end of the two album set.

Now, where did I put that rose for his teeth?

Just for your information: The other DVD’s I got were.
Quantum Leap Group‘s ‘Discover Dance Combinations - The Tango series 2’ with Simon and Heidi Cruwys $19.99. This has a few fancier steps and moves in it. And they move faster teaching you two or three things at once at times.

Foreign Media Group‘s ‘Tango Lessons - Dance Like a Star’ with Dennis Kruse and Susanne de Kleijn $9.99. This one will have to wait until we reach the dance circuit at competition level before I’ll give it a try. They have the head tilt and snap stuff in it for serious dancers.


Mouse said...

My husband and I used to love to dance.. we were heavy duty club-goers before we had Munchkin. I've always wanted to learn swing dancing or couples Latin dance but hubby was NOT into that idea.

Judith said...

Oooh, the Tango! I'd looked for some examples on You Tube and found it to be magnificent! Kudos to you and Mountain Man for getting this down!

BlackCrow said...

I used to love to dance but Mr Pig who by the way is now an ex Mr Pig loathed to dance. Next time I meet someone I will be asking, 'So do you like to dance'?
That's what relationships should be about!