Friday, March 20, 2009

On To Spring:

Well, today is the day. The Equinox is here. Winter cold can be left behind in the northern hemisphere. To our friends on the southern side of the globe autumn weather will be starting, but that is good too. It will be a time of ‘between extremes’ in weather the world over.

Some people will be balancing eggs by their point on the sidewalks and others will be reveling in flowers or waiting for the turning of the leaves.

I will be watching an old cartoon by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, ‘Happy Harmonies - To Spring’ It is a little old cartoon that has a bunch of little men underground. They wake and start the mining and pumping of color up the roots of the plants to conquer winter. There is a small battle of wills between winter weather, in the form of a blowing cloud of cold, and the little men, but in the end the little men win and spring comes through.

There is a little old fellow that is the first to wake. He goes around waking the others with a speech in his little old man cartoon voice. The rhyming speech ends each stanza with “Time for Spring I say.” There is orchestra and organ music in the background. And I just love the silly thing.

I found this cartoon on a Betty Boop VCR tape years ago and then replaced it with a different Betty Boop DVD that also had the cartoon.

Mountain Man and I watch it repeatedly during spring equinox day each year. It just makes us smile. We will watch and wait for warmer weather.

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Miss/Monster said...

Hi, thanks for your comment.

Bookbinding seems so much fun, and it might even save me some money as journals that i like seem to be so expensive. I'd love to see your journal when you make it :)

I've never actual tried book binding, so its going to be a new experience, hopefully a good one.

the cartoon in this entry sounds amazing, I'll have to look it up sometime!

thanks again