Monday, February 1, 2010

On Tea Parties:

Last year I started something. A Thankfulness Tea Party here on the web. Last years blog about it can be found here.

I have been doing this at my home for some time, around the third week in February each year.

I picked that time of year because most of us in the Northern hemisphere are reaching our limit with the winter blahs. I noticed that my friends and I needed a pick me up and a new outlook. A freshen-upper.

To all those that are interested in joining us:
You are invited to join Ms. Mousie at Knotty Mouse and Little Black Crow at her knitting blog or her more often used arts blog, my co-hosts this year, and myself Lady Euphoria, to a Thankfulness Tea Party.

It will be held on the weekend of February 20-21, 2010. (I will be having my tea on the 21 st, but I leave it open to the twentieth for those of you who’s lives fit this day better.)

The rules are as follows:
You invite anyone you like to your party, if you want to. (Some of my best Thankfulness Teas have been held alone.)
You serve the Tea and Goodies of your choice. Other drinks are aloud as long as they are served in tea cups in keeping with the theme.
You have nice/pretty paper or a blank book and a pen or other writing implement for each member of the party. (I paste small pictures in the corner of each page of small note books for each participant. Often tying it up with a ribbon.)
You dress up in your finery. (I dress in my Victorian gowns.) You can dress as you like, but you should look your best, this is a party.
You are to play thoughtful music (I use classical, but what you want to listen to is up to you.)
You and your guests, if any, enjoy your tea and write down the things you are thankful for as they come to you.
It is to be an uplifting experience. Talk and have fun, but spend some time looking inward and finding your thankful self.

I would love to hear about your tea party plans or experience. So please feel free to comment.

I will remind you again before the weekend arrives, but I did want to give you time to get your Thankfulness Tea Party things together.

I’m looking forward to having fun with you all. Lady Euphoria


Mouse said...

I've got some graphics for you.. I'll send you the links in email!

BlackCrow said...

You wouldn't believe the traffic outside...took me ages to get here, sorry I'm a little late.
Yes, yes I'll play!!