Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Carnivorous Plant Time Again:

It is February and that means a girl heart turns to things that eat other things. Carnivorous Plants will be for sale again in the Northern Hemisphere. I will be trolling the highways and byways looking for some new plants that eat things.

My Venus Flytraps have just come out of hibernation recently so they are not looking too good in the picture, but I see a few babies getting started so I’m stoked.

And in the other jar is two Pitcher Plants with a few Sundews round the sides. I do need to move them to a better place that is not as crowded.

I’ll have to be on the look out for a new terrarium for them. I do like my extra large apothecary/cookie jars. But I can’t fit another on the window sill. It just wouldn’t take the weight.

Not to leave the others out, Mortimer the Cactus is doing well. Spike his brother met with the floor one day and expired that afternoon. I still don’t know what kind of cactus Mortimer is yet, but he is showing the signs of arms. Once the days get a bit longer he should start to grow a bit faster.

(Mort was grown from seed in a mixed seed package so I know he is one of seven different kinds, I just don’t know which yet.)

Mort needs a new home also and I’m thinking of starting some more cactus from the left over seeds. So I will wait to move him until I have just the right spot and pot.

Hopefully I’ll find some nice Butterwarts or something else to fill out my little carnivorous and sharp families out a bit more this year.

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BlackCrow said...

these pictures make me so happy!
Mortimer is so cool...and you grew him from seed, wow..I've only ever grown cactus from little off cuts.
I should look after mine better:( I could never get my carnivorous plants to survive a week so I stopped trying.
You would be impressed with my veggie garden though. The corn is so high I could get lost in it! The tomato plants try to strangle prune them back!!! It scares me to even think what might happen if I venture to close to the artichokes!!