Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On YouTube and Knitting:

I have been knitting, but not getting done nearly the amount of things I had hoped to.

Since the start of the Olympics, I finished that sweater I started when I relearned to knit Continental style. I worked on the scarf, the bed throw, and spent more hours looking for the parts of that toy I had finished knitting already, then I would have if I just knitted them over again. And I would have too, if I had enough of the right colored yarn left.

I did finish the pair of mittens so at least I can scratch them off the list.

I am having trouble keeping the tail ends of my yarn tucked in on the scarf. No matter how I tuck them, sew them in, or incorporate them they keep on sneaking out and looking frayed. I paid a lot more money then I am used to for that yarn, for its softness and color and I have to say I’m disappointed with this turn of events.

After the Winter Games are over, I just may have to rip out the scarf and make smaller things out of it that don’t have any grafts from ball to ball in them. I’ve spent too much time already fixing and re-fixing those errant tails that are making my soft and pretty scarf look shabby in places.

I’m working on the socks today. No fancy patterning just variegated sock yarn in rib stitch.

For some extra fun while I knit away at my UFO‘s, I have been over at YouTube watching videos.

I watched the forty minute movie ‘Lord of the Rings - The Hunt for Gollum’ a well made tweenqual (Okay, no such word. A look at a part of the story, in the middle of the plot, not visited before.), about Gandolf and Aragorn’s search for Gollum once the ring was discovered to be ‘The Ring’ and before Frodo met Aragorn at the Prancing Pony Inn. If you liked Lord of the Rings you should give it a look see.

Then I found ‘Lord of the Libraries’ an eighteen minute spoof on the Lord of the Rings by a group of Kansas University students. I found that one to be very funny as they twisted the plot and lines to suit their purposes.

I also came across Miss Hannah Minx's Vlog (video blog). She is a cute, perky goth, twenty year old from West Philly, going to school in Tokyo. The link goes to the oldest Vlog on the list from last March, but most are less then five minutes long so it is fairly easy to get through all of them. Konichiwa! See, I’m learning Japanese.

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