Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Some Things I’m Thankful For:

Silver linings, they help make the bad times bearable
Cloudy winter days, I love the look of light and shadow
Trees and bushes without leaves, I just like the structure
Flavored Popcorn
The sound of rain on the roof as I go to sleep
Walking in the woods on a calm day

Remembering childhood fun
Creating, crafting, repurposing
Grilled cheese sandwiches, though I rarely eat them
Looking for fairies hiding in nooks and crannies while I dust
Wooly sweaters
Having my hair brushed and fussed with

Finding myself singing a silly song for no reason
Dried fruit
A new set of clothing that sets me apart
Rubber boots
Sitting quiet and knitting by the fire on a cold day
The soft way that corn leaves whisper and click in the wind
Water pistols
Black lipstick and fingernail polish
Video games

The unrestrained laughter of children at play
Doc Martins
Walking in a cemetery dressed in my finest black dresses
Tea parties
Songs that make me think about my life
Wilted roses
Puzzles of all kinds, jigsaw to pencil, spatial to logic
My bed
Internet friends from all around the world


Gaius Balter said...

Now doesn't that make you feel thankful about life. Far too much in today's world do we focus on the negative. so it's nice to read about something positive!

BlackCrow said...

These are a few of my favorite things!!
I've decided to continue on my high tea for another day. Yesterday turned out to be quite busy and very hot and windy!!