Saturday, February 6, 2010

On Cat Love:

I am on the lookout for a knitting pattern of a full sized sleeping cat.

You see back around Halloween I found a black cat at the animal shelter that I just fell in love with. His name was Grim and we hit it off right away.

The shelter doesn’t adopt out black cats anywhere near Halloween, so I waited.

When the time came for him to find a new home, our new dog Sir Laidback was sick and we couldn’t bring a new animal into the house and maintain the care needed for the dog. Grim when to a new family and I was left empty handed.

I have not found another black cat, or any other kind of cat for that matter, that I have had the same instant and complete relationship with.

So, since I can’t have Grim, I’d like to make a reasonable facsimile to cuddle and stroke. He will live on my bed where the dogs can’t get to him and I may even put a vibrator inside him so he can purr to my petting to his hearts content.

Why do some animals make such a big impression on us? I’m wanting my Grim back, even thought we were never really together.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't help myself. I went to ravelry right away and looked up a pattern for a cat. I found two from the same website - & and both are adorable. And then I found this pillow pattern ( that is free and some how does something for my cat desires, but might not be what your looking for so much.

I understand the attachment to shelter animals. We adopted a dog (puppy really) shortly after DS was born. Only were able to keep him for a week before I realized I was crazy to try and raise a puppy while caring for two little kids so we took him back. I think he still needs a home actually and occasionally I ask DH if we could use another big black dog with an M name. But, alas I don't think Max was meant to be with us. maybe I should see if I can find a life size great dane mix pattern and knit him up.;)

Good luck on your search.