Saturday, February 27, 2010

On Get this Monkey Off My Back:

This winter has been a long one so far. Some years we get a break in January. But this year it has been one big super long winter day.

We can get out if need be, but why add to the backed up traffic while the road crews try to get this mess cleaned up. We don’t really need anything that we are out of, but our sanity.

So here you have it.

The winter monkey on Lady Longs back. Even she is tired of trying to get through this stuff.

She is up to her neck in the fluff.

The snow is no longer any fun.

Spring can come back any time now. In fact, Lady Long insists that is comes back right now.



And even with less snow here, I must say that "The sooner, the better!"

Mouse said...

Awww... Lady Long is adorable! You're more than welcome to bring your tea & knitting and come down this way where its warmer! *hugs* Tuck in and stay warm dear friend!!