Monday, February 22, 2010

On Being on Facebook:

I was on Facebook for about 24 hours over the weekend. I just couldn’t stand it. I literally hated every minute of it. I felt like my back was exposed and a target was on it. It made me break out in hives. I had to deactivate the account and run away to hide until I stopped shaking.

I am not a social peacock. Peacock, yes. Social, no. Even with my blog I talk with the people that come to play in a one on one manor. And I guard my personal information.

I don’t like crowds. I don’t play well in groups. I sit with my back to the wall so no one can sneak up on me. Organized sports and team play makes me nervous because I‘ve been hit by friendly fire before. I have an uncomfortable need to not conform and that in itself leaves me vulnerable.

And the other thing about Facebook was the knowing of things about others I didn’t ask about. I didn’t like being barraged with nonsense information. I didn’t need a third party to tell me about the latest score someone got on a game that I know nothing or care nothing about. I don’t really care what groups someone just joined unless the subject came up in conversation. I felt like someone was watching over my shoulder all the time just waiting to tell the world of Facebook friends my latest move.

Then, in thinking I was going to find the interests or activities of people I do personally know, when I went to see their pages, what I got was an eye full of what some other people are about out there and I was appalled at a small contingent. (Hey there liar, your pants are on fire.)

It is not that I don’t care, but more because I do care about others, that I don’t want to look into other peoples personal lives. I don’t want to know about how the baby played with his poop. Or how some out there are so clueless to their own inadequacies. I don’t need to watch someone else’s train wreck I can do nothing about. I can’t watch knowing some have too many kids already and are spending their time playing games on Facebook instead of taking care of those kids. It just hurts me too much to see it.

Yes, I do have my own issues because I have been betrayed badly by others in my life. Why on earth would I like to stick my neck out there and let someone thoughtlessly do it again. I am guarded for my own very good reasons. I screen my comments on my blog for those reasons also.

For me, you must gain and earn my true friendship as some of you here have already done. But on Facebook there were too many people free to out me to the ones I don’t want to find me and possibly hurt me again. I won’t be going back.


Gaius Balter said...

I know what you mean. I wish I didn't create a Facebook account now. I've turned off the chat facility and I don't like the fact my details are in the public arena. I think we all have to be careful these days!

Sooticas Dream said...

I don't use the chat either & have my account set to private so only those I choose get to see my info.
I've also blocked a few folk in the past.
As for game results, you can edit what you do/don't see from others. There's quite a few apps. & games that I've blocked just to free up some space on my screen!

Some people share WAY too much info on FB!

On the other hand I have met some awesome folk that I first "met" on FB, including my best mate!
I've also gone to events that have been put up on FB that have been a blast, & that I doubt I would have known about if I didn't have an account.

A lot of negatives but a few positives too...

Mouse said...

Yeah.. that's exactly why I only have my 'name' up there and a photo... nothing else. I was playing a game or two but it made my computer run very slowly and I didn't like that at all. I don't really know anyone off the top of my head that I'd like to "re-connect" with from my school years or home town.. if we were really that close of friends, you'd be on my email or holiday card list!!!

Severina said...

I considered putting up my name on FB to look up some high school people I'd lost track of over the years, but I haven't been that chuffed to do it frankly. Seems like too much trouble for a lot of nothing plus some family member would find something stupid I'd posted and blab it to everyone else.

I can't imagine putting up more than a name and a photo anyway.

Naomie Christensen said...

Facebook was okay, because I made friends so incredibly fast. It was awesome. Then I started getting warning about playing apps and posting links to my blog. Is it my fault that my life consists of blogging and playing apps... same with many of my friends. Down with Facebook!!!