Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Silent Poetry Reading for 2010

Today is the Silent Poetry reading. More info here.

This is my offering:

At the Window Watching

By Lady Euphoria Deathwatch 01-30-10

He stood in shadow
Moonlight pouring over his arm.
I heard his breathing
Melding with the night time breeze.

I smelled his aroma
On the sheets and pillow next to mine.
I sensed his restlessness
As he looked out over the moonlit world.

My lover, my man, my heart.
Why do you need more?

His hair moved softly
As a breath of air came through the window.
He shifted his weight
And leaned against the window frame.

I wished he would look
At me with such intensity and longing.
I felt forgotten and alone
In a room full of our wedding bed.

My lover, my man, my soul.
Why do you look away from me?

He sighed and shivered
Naked in his body and his thoughts.
I daren’t disturb him
Wrapped up in his own privet view.

He coughed and sniffled
Wiping what could only be a tear.
He turns towards me
a smile curls his lips, yet still a tear remains.

My lover, my man, my breath.
What has pierced your heart?

“Oh, You’re awake,
I thought you sleeping.
I woke and found
the moonlight calling me away.”

“I had to look
And see the ‘tween world.
But it did not have
Its former charm to me, My Love.

“My lover, my woman, my life.
You have replaced all wonders in my heart.”

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