Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Watch Your Mouth:

It was just another day at my house. My computer mouse was acting up so we went off to shop for another.

On our way we stopped at our local dollar discount store and passed a father with his son by the door. The boy was on the ground having a quite sit down tantrum and the father was discussed and out of sorts.

It was obvious that the child had some developmental problems and I felt sorry for the father. This boy was not small and could not just be picked up and put in the car.

We went in the store and looked around. Bought a few things and my husband, Mountain Man, went to the car with my package while I went into the store next door.

I came out with my fix of Sudoku puzzle books to find the father hands up at the back of his car and another man the same at the back of his own vehicle. A Police Officer was standing a few feet away, gun drawn.

My husband is sitting in our car, just to the side, and a few feet from all this.

Other police cars came racing into the parking lot lights flashing.

The other man had seen the father shoving his boy into the car and went to see if it was a kidnapping of a child. Words were exchanged. (Not nice words either.) And tempers flared.

The father explained to the police that his boy was Autistic, but by this time the poor man had been having a hard time with his son for over an hour that I had seen. This had not give him license to use foul racially derogatory language before the police got there.

He had hoped to get away with his indiscretion, but Mountain Man had seen it all.

The man who had tried to step in and help the child was black, the father and son were not. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the police station while Mountain Man waited his turn to make his statement.

We don’t care what kind of a day you’ve been having, Don’t use the ‘N’ word and try to get away with it. It’s just not right.

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