Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Tea and Knitting:

The Thankfulness Tea Party is coming this weekend. So you only have a few days to collect what you are bringing to the tea or want on hand.

I cut out scraps of paper from magazines with pretty pictures and paste them to the corners of my pages. I also find a special pen to write with.

This year with Mountain Man and I being sick, I have already sent a package to the friends who where going to be here with me, so that they can have a illness free tea party without me coughing on their goodies.

On to the knitting:
I have so far, in my quest to finish the UFO’s or ‘unfinished knitting’ during the winter games, finished my gray sweater.

It is just a simple top down Feather and Fan patterned sweater. I cast on the neck, increased every other row until I got to the arm holes, separated the sleeve stitches for later and just went with the yarn I had. Leaving just enough yarn to sew on the buttons. Five balls of Patons, Classic Wool Merino 3 1/ 2 oz. or 100 g. in the color Gray Mix for my large frame. I went with three big buttons because I like the look.

The pattern I made up is very similar to the Liesl pattern shown here. My button band is more substantial and my repeat in the pattern break is in the solid part and hers is in the lacey portion. So, I won’t be making up and posting a pattern for this because she has done the work to have all sizes. But feel free to ask me any questions.

I feel like Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter Movies, but with a little more class. I’ve always liked the Feather and Fan pattern because it reminds me morticians drapes. I think I’ll wear it to tea.


Mouse said...

I think you definitely captured 'Liesl' - the pattern is a feather and fan but I lack the math skills to properly execute it without a pattern. Looks lovely!

I have been totally slack in getting the Tea info up on my blog because my kidlet has been sick and of course.. he shared. I'm coughing on everything and everyone as well. Blargh.


What a gorgeous sweater! More of a coat, really. Looks super on you, too.

Elley said...

Amazing! Absolutely fantastic job! It looks like it belongs in a catalog.

Judith said...

Magnificent! And beautiful! (OK, like I should be surprised at either or both?) Great job!

BlackCrow said...

Wow this is beautiful!! Looks very elegant, phooey you don't look like Mrs Weasley!
Great colour and I love the sleeves!