Sunday, January 31, 2010

On February Lady’s Sweater Revisited:

Over on Flint Knits Pamela Wynne posted about her making of the February Lady’s Sweater pattern and is asking for feedback from any and all who have ever knitted or tried to knit one up. Comment on the posted link above.

I made one a few years ago. Or maybe it was just started back then and finally finished this past spring. Anyway she is looking for input to become a better pattern maker and to write something up on its many incarnations since she started it not so long ago.

She alone has found over 7000 entries/versions of the sweater since it was first put out there in all its untried glory.

If you have never made this wonderful sweater there is no time like tomorrow to get started. I’ll give you time to get the yarn and supplies. And if you have knitted one you already know of its appeal.

I used two different colors of yard and I made mine in acrylic which was a mistake. In my defense I couldn’t find the colors I wanted in wool at the time.

I love my February Lady’s Sweater (A larger version of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Baby Sweater.) And plan to make more of them someday.

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Mouse said...

Have you seen Liesl? Its a very similar type of sweater - I'm planning on making it for the Ravelypics this year!