Friday, January 15, 2010

On What’s In the News?:

I was reading my new Faerie Magazine last night to off set the bad feelings I was having all day because of the earthquake in Haiti, and I found an article that intrigued me.

It was on a couple of people that are putting out a Newspaper. A fairy newspaper called ‘The Filigree.

They make the dolls that are photographed for the articles, write the stories and the advertising too.

I went to their website and found a free download they are offering for the current issue to encourage sales. I promptly printed out all twenty pages. (Smaller page size then the real issues.)

For a mere six dollars US you get four, quarterly issues of the newspaper, a years subscription, and there is no real people advertising in it so you are not paying for pages full of promotional sales in your face. Back issues are also available.

This is fairies, but a bit on the dark side, stuff. Obituaries and advice column, articles and ads, funnies and classifieds. All like a respectable Newspaper should have.

The art dolls are wonderful and for sale and all can be viewed from their website.

I think it is a hoot and a half. I plan to get my subscription application off in the mail very soon.

So if you find, like me, that you can only take so much depressing people news. Go check this one out. Here is their blog link.

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whitey said...

Thanks for sharing I love looking at art dolls we have had one show come to our state a long time ago and could not believe the details in these dolls love this site it will be one I am bookmarking.