Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On All’s Quiet On the Gothic Front:

Well, at the moment anyway.

We are doing better around here. Sir Laidback is over his ear infection and his rash is almost gone. Lady Long is still bandaged, but only to keep her from picking at it.

The house seems larger when the kids leave. It is only the two of them and their dog. But their dog is twice the size of either of ours and has twice the energy. So it is like there are double the people and critters around here when they come to stay a few days. (Well there is twice the people, but you get the picture.)

The only thing we still have to do is to go out shopping to get more first aid supplies to replace the ones Lady Long had used up, but other then that we are good and can sit and watch the snow fall since the weather has changed back into winter again after a few days of rain and local flooding.

As for the other shoe dropping: We are waiting word from a outer member of the family. One of my used-to-be brother-in-laws has cancer and we are waiting for the tests to come back to find out how bad and what options he has, if any. His kids (3) and grandkids (10) are having a bad time of it.

Ups and Downs of life are the markers but you can give me the in between days anytime.

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Mouse said...

Sorry to hear about your BIL! Its been windy and cold here in GA the last few days but at least the sun peeked out today.. helps with the winter blahs a bit.