Saturday, January 9, 2010

On The Trouble Of Living With Lists:

I know I’ve said it before but my memory is not what it used to be and this gives rise to confusion. Like yesterday for instance.

I had been sick earlier this week and not doing my chores around the house. I woke yesterday morning and got right down to the business of the cleaning list so I would be caught up for the weekend.

Laundry sorted and in the washer, crafting projects straightened and put away, clearing clutter, hanging the clothes to dry by the wood stove, cooking and baking, folding and putting away said clothing…

Mountain Man brought wood in and cleaned out the chimneys, vacuumed and got his clutter cleared away. Dogs were bathed. Sidewalks cleared of snow…

We sat and breathed, happy we accomplished everything on the list.

Except… I hadn’t remembered to turn on the computer. To Blog!!! How could I forget to have fun and friendship yesterday?

I did things out of order to my normal day and I didn’t remember to blog because it wasn’t on the list of ‘cleaning things to do.’

It makes me feel like if I lost my lists I’d loose my mind.

If you still have your short term memory, enjoy it. If not, laugh yourself silly at my expense. We will never remember things, but life will be a daily adventure.



My short term memory is deteriorating. I hate it, because I used to be The Rememberer. Now? CRS has taken over

Bill is home today and I am feeling better. It is a little warmer, too, and the wind has died down so the house is not so chilled. Turned up the thermostat to 62º

I saw new baby bunnies emerge from under the house this morning. Luck to them! But it is warm under there and so I have hope for them.

Batty said...

I just found your blog while browsing the web -- while doing laundry. I swear I didn't find it by looking for goth laundry, because that would be just too weird a phrase to search for. But I like it and will pop by occasionally.