Sunday, January 24, 2010

On No Sorry’s Needed:

My ‘Princess Daughter’ and her husband ‘Prince Charming’ came for a brief unexpected visit and they brought their dog, Lady Busy. That is why I was missing from the blog for the last few days.

Well, dogs will be dogs and Lady Busy hurt Lady Long. I don’t in any way feel that it was anyone’s fault or that I am even upset about the fact that it happened. In my mind it was just an unfortunate accident.

Lady Long is all patched up and having fun being fussed over, she is also not in too much pain at all. It looks worse then it is while we try to keep it clean from infection. The gash was only an inch long and we took care of it right away.

But how do you convince others that it really is ‘all right’ with you.

The more you say, ‘Its okay.’ The more it sounds like it isn’t.

We had a good visit all together. It was only one small accident. The rest was fine and I can’t wait until they all come back again.

Lady Long will heal and all will be well again in no time. I hope they don’t feel bad about it for another minute.

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Mouse said...

Poor pup! I'm glad that it was an accident (when animals are involved nature takes over..) and that everyone has no hard feelings. Much healing thoughts to Lady Long!