Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Pruning Relationships:

So I was sitting in bed for the last few days, with a migraine head ache, and not being able to do anything else I was thinking. Mostly thinking about how I wasn’t as happy lately as I used to be.

I came to realize that I wasn’t as happy as I had been before my daughters wedding. Not because I don’t think it was right for her, or that I don’t like him, or any other negative reason I could think of. I love my new son-in-law like my own children.

I’m pretty sure it was the change. I was expecting some change in my relationship with my daughter, but maybe not so fast or complete.

Though I’ve gained a son I’ve lost some of the closeness to my daughter. A closeness that is already hard to maintain since we live six hours away from each other.

I was looking at the dead flowers of our relationship and crying, and not deadheading them so new flowers can grow. I’ve turned over a new leaf and now that I see want I was doing I’m happy once again because I can make things better and not just let it grow worse.

I’ve cut those old apron strings for myself and I feel better.

The rumbled flower from my Venus Flytrap. It grew into the lid of the terrarium and bent it’s peddles.

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rabbitIng said...

Hi, sorry I haven't been in touch lately - life just too busy. but finally catching up on your blog, and this one struck me.

i too lost closeness with my youngest daughter when she up-sticked with her partner four years ago to have her first baby elsewhere - away from me!

now, 4 years later, she is expecting her second child, marrying her partner, moving nearer to me, and we are closer than ever, but in a different, more equal way. the wisdom she has gained from cutting the cord serves me as well as it does her, and we have both found greater happiness in each other's company. hang on in there, it will come to you too, i am sure.