Friday, January 1, 2010

On Happy New Year 2010:

Do Over! Do Over! Last night we played The Catapult game after I put it together, and Mountain Man kept himself busy while I was making it by making himself a paper 1930’s car. (Thank you Raven Blight’s paper toys.)

We set the game up on the floor and lobbed bundles of spikes at a vampire in a vault some seven feet away.

I won by the way. I had a bundle of spikes score a goal when it bounced off the dog as he walked by.

I also printed out a version of a working paper clock last night. I have wanted to make one since I was about eight years old and saw one in a museum. And since I seem to be getting good at making Raven’s paper toys. a clock is my next goal. There are only 160 small to tiny paper parts to cut out and glue together.

The clock I found on the web has a few metal parts using wire for axles, unlike the one I saw as a kid, but I think for a starter project with a free download it will do very well.

Back to the New Years Eve high lights: The pizzas were great and we had sparkling mixed berry juice to wash it all down. I made strawberry chocolate cookies for desert.

We danced the tango through the house to ‘Sally’s Song’ from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.’ (There is a tango version of the song on the two disk Soundtrack CD.)

At midnight we watched the ball drop in Times Square with the sound down and our own music playing, Mary Hopkin’s ‘Those Were The Days’ and I buried the old year in the paper crypt.

Good-bye and Rest in Peace 2009. We are starting over and moving on. And yes I’ll say it, ‘With time on my hands.’


Mouse said...

Happy 2010 friend!

Judith said...

Bounced off the dog???? Oh, that's hilarious! Sounds like you had a great new year's eve! We watched TV, then went to bed, but I got some knitting done.

Thanks for the link to the paper stuff. Looks like fun. Best wishes to you and yours in 2010!