Thursday, December 31, 2009

On New Years Eve 2009:

Here Lies 2009. Like any other year it had its highs and lows. It has its memories for all of us and we will try to remember it fondly, or for others not at all. May its passing bring about a better and more prosperous new year for us all.

I got my free paper toys from Raven Blight. Go there and take a look, a read, a listen, or play a video game. (I used a mix of both the Cemetery set and the Hearst set to make my death year setup. I also added the Grim Reaper this year.)

Hi Friends and Readers,

I’m wishing all of you the best life has to offer on this night of endings and beginnings.

Have a fresh start tomorrow and a much better year ahead then the last.

Enjoy your observance of the holiday and keep out of trouble. Mountain Man and I will be having a Pizza Party and burying the old year.

See you next year.

Hugs, Lady Euphoria

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Mouse said...

Happy New Year.. enjoy your pizza party! We here at Chez Mousie will be thinking of you & Mtn. Man as we ring in the new year!