Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On Euphoria the Red Nosed:

For the last few days I’ve been shabby grubby sick.

You know the kind I mean. Propped up on pillows in bed, amongst piles of used tissues and depending on others to prepare food for you or just eating out of the can. Forget about proper hygiene.

I am showered and in a fresh flannel night gown at the moment, with a cup of tea and honey at my side.

So being on a more presentable level I decided to pop my head out of the covers and say ‘Hi’ while my hair dries.

Okay I am still wrapped in a blanket while I type with one finger, because one hand is holding the blanket on and closed around my shoulders. (Ignore the rapidly growing pile of tissues on the floor. The steam in the bathroom made my red nose run even more.)

Mountain Man brought Sir Laidback to the Vet for his recheck. The dog is still on his meds, but doing much better. He is not scratching near as much and playing with (Okay, hogging) the dog toys more. This is to Lady Long (the dashund)’s long suffering, eye rolling disgust.

The Vet thinks Sir Laidback is closer to seven years old rather than five as we were told at the SPCA.

No other new news at Deathwatch Manor. The world kept on turning while I slept. I’ll look in on you in a few days when I’m not feeling as dreadful.

Until then, Happy Holidays everybody.


Mouse said...

Euphoria the red nosed goth-dear
had a very shiny nose..
If she wasn't wearing a hat with a veil on it...
You might have even saw it glow!

Ok.. ok.. I'll stop. I'm sick as well, coughing & dizzy headed rather than stuffy nosed. *hugs* We'll share some tissues & tea!


Happy Ho-Dee-Ho to you and yours!

Hope you feel better soon.

BlackCrow said...

That's hilarious Mouse!!Lady Euphoria you have to keep that one!!
No good your not well...I felt the same in September, yuck it was horrible!
Snuggle up sweetie, I'm sure mountain man is doing an excellent job of looking after you. Have great time during the festive season...big virtual's safer that way!!
off to let the beastly boy cat in, sounds like he is hip and shouldering the door!!

Severina said...

Hey! Be selfish and take care of yourself. My recent flu turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection so I'm still coughing and sneezing.

Happy holidays to you too!