Sunday, December 20, 2009

On Under a Blanket:

We are under a blanket of snow here at Deathwatch Manor. And I went back to bed.

I should have known. Odd dreams, feeling uneasy about my craft projects, extra cranky about housework…

You guessed it… I woke up sick.

I’m miserable and tired, but for the moment pretending not to be.

The weather outside is frightful, but in here I’m playing seasonal music. And I don’t have no where to go, I’ll let Mountain Man move the snow.

Winter Solstice is tomorrow and I have to be ready to party. So I’m breaking out the box of extra soft tissues.

Have a great holiday season everyone!



I considered posting about your dream, but really, had no advice. I have had both dreams that I am grieved to be awakened from, and ones that I am so glad to know they were mere dreams. Yay! Just a dream!

Our ecksplaner brains love to f*** with us, I believe.

Weather here is coldish, with a dusting of snow. I am just ever so south of most of the bad stuff most times.

Enjoy your solitude. Everything is okay. Don't worry.

Mouse said...

Its absolutely freezing here in Georgia but no sign of snow yet.. Munchkin is hoping for a white Christmas and I'd love for him to have it!