Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Slippery when Water Added:

On Sunday, Mountain Man had a meeting a few hours away. His church group was selling boxes of citrus fruit and it was delivery day. He left Sunday morning before ten o’clock to meet the others at the truck drop off point by noon.

For those of you that didn’t know, we in the Northeast had an rain/ice storm on Sunday.

He only made it half way to his destination before the cars in front of him started to slide off the ice covered highway and the traffic stopped. After a few hours the traffic had inched far enough for him to get off an exit and Mountain Man found a hotel near by.

He stayed in a hotel room for a few more hours before it warmed enough to melt the ice and he could start for home. But by then thick fog was forming.

I was beside myself with worry as I watched the news, that was when the electricity wasn’t off from the storm. With so many accidents piling up, even more roads were being closed because they had run out of emergency equipment to send out and clear up the accidents out there.

He finally made it home, late in the evening, with some little slippage and narrowly missed accidents around him as he went.

We watched the news together that night to see the even bigger pileups that were caused by the thick fog and wet roads after the ice storm passed. Those involved only had injuries and no fatalities, thank the powers that be.

Mountain Man was out retrieving and delivering his fruit on Monday and Tuesday without any trouble. And now I can tell the tale to its end.

I hate foul weather. And I hope that anyone ever has to be out in it ever again. Be safe out there please.

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I worry about my Sweetie, too, during bad weather. There is a steep hill any way he can come and go to work, and he has told me many a tale of accidents, wrecks, injuries and deaths that he has witnessed. Not to mention the deer.

He has been fortunate, however, and has always been the one to stop and help, instead of needing it. He also has a touch of second sight regarding danger, which has stood him in good stead.

Glad the Mountain Man is safe.