Friday, December 11, 2009

On Willing Vs. Fueling:

I haven’t had any pictures on the blog since I got back because I was out of batteries for my camera. Even rechargeable batteries die.

Well, I finally got batteries yesterday and we have pictures again.

The dogs sleeping behind the woodstove in the early morning hours. (The bedding is not as close to the stove as it looks in the picture.)

Yes, it is down to budgeting. I got my new internet connection, but it costs more, therefore other things don’t get bought in a timely manor. And then there is the saving for the other things I need. We don’t buy on credit unless absolutely necessary. We never have.

Living on a limited budgets suck rocks and it doesn’t grow at the same pace as the cost of living. We are better off then some. We have a house that is paid for and wood in the shed for the woodstove. There are canned goods from the garden in the pantry, and other food bought on sale in the freezer. We are doing okay.

I wish there were extras again. I like having treats and extra to share with others. Parties and presents are smaller and fewer this year.

Last night, on the news, one of the Holiday Toy Collection Groups was begging for toys for the needy children. Apparently the amount of children needing toys has grown and the donations have greatly dwindled. This will leave some children without any toys this year unlike previous years where the kids in need got a few toys each.

I want to help out. But how do I give more then I already do, when I can’t even keep myself in working appliances or batteries.

I willingly buy used, still working things, instead of new. Not just because I’m frugal, but it leaves me with more to help others with. But this year it is harder to help like I want to. Not even the battery bunny can keep going forever.

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