Thursday, December 10, 2009

On Twilight Zone Experiences:

Well, the weather cooperated some what. That is to say it snowed all night leaving four inches of snow on top of what we had from the snow on Saturday. It drizzled all morning making the snow heavy, slippery and sloppy.

The wind took down a few trees here and there making areas of traffic a mess. That along with fender benders made the weather reporter at noon tell people again to say home if at all possible.

I had to go. I had missed my last appointment because of Lady Short dieing that day.

The streets were wet, but fine, while we were out in the afternoon. We made it to the doctor’s office in record time. There had been cancellations and I was called right in.

I don’t know if it was the relaxed schedule with less people around or the fact that I asked him how he was doing, but the doctor started talking to me like we were life long friends. Out poured his feelings on life, death, religion and ethics, people and books that got him thinking about said things and his wish to have more answers.

He went on for twenty minutes with me sitting on the exam table in one of those blue wraparound hospital gowns. Not that I didn’t enjoy the intelligent conversation because I did, but it was kind of odd just the same.

Once the exam finally started he just kept on talking. It was the strangest exam time I ever had. I wished, with all my heart, that we were having the conversation in a different setting and that we had the rest of the day to continue the subject and at the same time I was feeling, get this thing over with already, I’m half naked in this chemo smelly place.

My tests came back all good and I’m now off the meds that made my seizures worse. I feel good, but more because I was there for the doctor to let his feeling out, as he must have needed to do, then because of my test results. I’ll feel good about that later. Right now I’m just glad I could be the one to help the doctor remain sane in a place filled with cancer.


Helena Handbag said...

Know what you mean and glad you are safe and sound.
Many happy thoughts come your way from me on a daily basis. I keep my special LE lace handkechief in my work vest pocket and use it all the time. Even showed it off to a customer who was looking for tatting supplies last week.
Many smooches,


What an interesting tale! Thanks for the telling.

BlackCrow said...

That is a very strange experience. The doctor wasn't Jack Klugman?
I think I would've started to slowly back out the door. You dd give me a bit of a shiver reading this!
Great to hear that all's good with you.
Today is one of those bright blue sky days with no warmth in the sun!
Its quite cold....but alas no snow:(