Monday, December 7, 2009

On Puzzles and Games:

Today I got up a bit later then yesterday. I don’t get up at 4:30 every morning. I had been doing a jigsaw puzzle last night and it captured my attention again as I was folding laundry this morning and I could see some new puzzle piece placement from across the table.

Like all things puzzling, Puzzles seem to stick in the mind, at least they do for me. A piece of my mind still works on them even when I’m not in the same room. I dream puzzles and games, if not outright, they are part of the landscape or decoration of the room.

Like in Alice’s world down the rabbit hole or through the mirror. Puzzle books lay about. Games are set up in a corner of the room. Cards are found in the print of the wall paper. Numbers can be found in clouds or tree branches and game pieces stand in for bushes and pinnacles.

I don’t discriminate with puzzles. I like all kinds. Number, letter, spatial, jigsaw or pieces, color, I like them all. I have books of Mensa puzzles. I’ve seducu puzzled every time I came across them since the seventies when they were first invented. Cross word and jigsaw puzzles played an important part of my childhood.

As far as games go I’m a fan of video games. Not for any other reason then I never have to look for someone to play with. Mountain Man is not a games person. The Princess Daughter is not really a game person either. The Prince Charming (Son-in-law) played some Wii games with me and they (the kids and Mountain Man included) played Parcheesi with me when they came home for Thanksgiving.

I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have puzzles and games to keep my mind busy. I do know I’d be a depressive type person. Maybe I should have been a real life Abby like in NCIS, but I’m me with my own type of life, and puzzles and games make me happy.

I may not have the cleanest house on the block but I think I’m the happiest. Puzzle/Game On!



I love puzzles, too, and have my entire life. These days, I enjoy Killer Sudoku.

Puzzles help to quiet that committee in my head that is always yammering away at me.

Mouse said...

Have you seen I love their online (FREE!!!) jigsaw puzzles.. I do them a lot.

BlackCrow said...

hey great to hear from you!!
I'm so intrigued about your house the way you write about it puts all sorts of images in my head!
It's "summer" here and my mountain man and I have been very busy in our garden. Lots of planting and bottling going on....AND this SUNDAY WE ARE GETTING CHOOKS!!!!
4 bantams are arriving, I'm a little nervous, I've never really owned chickens I hope they like me more than our bunny does!!
I'll post up some images next week if I haven't been pecked to death!!