Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On Doctor Visits:

Yesterday was Sir Laidback turn and he has a ‘Systemic yeast infection’ and a ‘Greatly compromised immune system’ from the very bad flee problem he had before we got him. Special shampoo, pills and special diet, back to the Vet in two weeks.

Today is my turn. I have an appointment at the oncologist (or Cancer Doc). I’m on the six month tune up plan now with yearly tests. Three years out and I still hate the smell of the place. ‘Chemo smell’ I call it. I reeked of it when I was on chemo. Even the dogs didn’t want me around.

I love the people there for saving me for the big bad cancer monster, but I hate the wash of bad memories that rush back every time I go through their door.

Mixed emotions every time. Old faces and new everywhere I look, happy ones and sad defeated ones. We all look a bit older and wiser for the experience.

I don’t expect to find out any bad news. They will just check the oil and look under the hood and send me home again. But there is always that little doubt that says in my ear, ‘It happened once, it could happen again.’

I am taking care of myself better than I did back then. I have a new awareness of the things to look for in health, energy and behavior.

I go down my list. The things that told me something was wrong in my body, but I ignored until I found the dimpling lump in my right breast.

Tired? No more then I should be at my age. No more naps in the afternoon because I just can’t go on.
Hick-ups? Not more then once a year and definitely not the daily kind I did have back then.
Teeth? Doing well and not one cavity since I started treatment like the sudden five I got just prior to the diagnosis. Cancer can make your system go too acid and cause extra cavities.
Allergy attacks? Hardly ever when I’m careful of what I’m eating and getting into contact with. No more out of whack attacks.

Check, check and recheck! I’m good! At least I hope so…

We are having a winter storm at the moment, so I’m not even sure I’ll get there today. More tomorrow.


Robert Lau said...

You are a brave lady.

.....My admiration.

Take care.

Robert Lau.

Mouse said...

*hugs* wishing you a clean bill of health today at your check-up, my friend!