Saturday, March 6, 2010

On Spring Bored:

As always, in the early spring, I feel the need to break out, try something new, make a new piece of clothing or add some new style to my overly stuffed wardrobe in my closet.

It started the other day when I wanted to make over my baby doll. I must have cast on and pulled out twenty seven different things already, but the trouble is not on my knitting needles, its in my head.

I have cabin fever. My need for some new and exciting input is making me unable to sit still and do anything.

I’m usually fine with ‘same old’ most of the time. It is comfortable and reassuring. But after a long winter, I’m all elbows and in a fit to break out of the old mold.

The dogs must feel the same way. They dug down through the snow cover to get to bare ground and scratched up the dirt and mud found there. Muddy dog prints littered my floor and carpets all day as they went out and back in.

We need a jumping off point. Something new to refresh ourselves.

The world outside is not co-operating, it is still covered in snow for the most part. I have crafts a-plenty to do, but I can’t sit long enough to get into any of them. Even my stay-cation spa days with the house to myself isn’t helping. And the never ending shortage of money isn’t helping either.

So, I fidget and wait for the snow to melt so I can get out into the woods and go on treasure hunts again for fairies and nature finds. I need some new wings I think, but I’d rather be flying to a new adventure.

In the mean time I think I need to use some of this energy and get moving. Time to dust off the exercise bike I think. I just hope I can sit long enough to get the peddles moving.

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Judith said...

Oh, I understand what you mean! Sadly, I've been in an awful funk with my knitting. One cotton top I'd started I realized I was knitting on US 4 when the gauge in my head was for US 7, which meant I'd not cast on the right number of sts and the whole thing was off. Another top I'd cast on (again, with a cotton yarn) ended up being started and ripped back three times just because I couldn't get the pattern to do what I'd wanted. *sigh* I've now cast on a wool pullover that won't be suitable until winter, but it's going well and I don't want to tempt the knitting fates. This one will work. I hope.