Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Belly Do’s and Don’t’s:

I will penitently admit that the ‘no diet and just maintain’ diet didn’t work for me. In point of fact, I gained 15 pounds. Not by eating to excess when I ate my meals. Or cheating on my snacking. I was good with my meals and snacks. I found that it was indeed necessary to write down my eating because of my short term memory problems. I would forget that I had just ate an hour ago and eat again. Doubling or even tripling my food intake some days.

So, I am back to keeping track of my food intake and loosing said extra poundage as soon as possible, within reason of course.

I am adding to this some new exercising. I found that since I hate to exercise and don’t stick to it, but since I have stuck with dancing the tango, I am going to dance some of these pounds away.

I’m starting with belly dancing on alternate days of the week to my tango. After that who knows what I’ll add next. I got the idea after finding some more Goth Belly Dancing videos on YouTube. How sweet is that?

I will leave it to your fertile imagination what I look like gyrating around at 205 pounds. But I’m getting a laugh so its, ‘First star to the left and straight on ‘till morning.’ Never Neverland here I come.

I found you have to have a slightly silly attitude to do outrageous things at my age and weight. But I’m going with what works. And 205 on my frame doesn’t work for me. Even fat girls have a temptress inside of them, so I‘m letting her out to play.

Let’s see now, that’s yoga, tango, stationary bike, wii sports, stair stepper, walking, and now belly dancing. Not all in one day, but a few each day and I should be back in fine shape in no time. Okay, I’ll be a little realistic here, some time in the future.

Do I get to hire a maid now that I won’t have time to do housework? Well, a girl can try can’t she?


Mouse said...

I love bellydance.. especially tribal style. I'm going to go through my huge list of youtube videos and I'll send you a bunch of links. The best place to buy bellydance videos CHEAP (like $5.00 each for even the 'gothic' dvds) is TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and those types of discount stores. Type in "Rachel Brice" in youtube- she's one of my favorite dancers.

whitey said...

I think I got belly whiplash just watching these! How do they do it amazing!

Anonymous said...

Lady E.,

Ooh - I love bellydancing... it is so much fun (without feeling like you are actually exercising- which is always a plus!) Thanks for sharing that terrific video!

Have a great day!

Heather, aka Fabulous Fat Chick