Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Blossom Rock:

Blossom Rock was a wonderful actress known best for her portrayal of Grandma Addams.

I was not putting down Grandma Addams or Blossom Rock with my comments yesterday, only using the character as an example of a type.

I love the character of Grandma Addams and hoped to be like her as an adult when I was younger. I just didn’t think I’d get there as fast as I did.

Maybe is was the fact that the cancer made the changes happen so fast. One day I was feeling a young middle aged woman with energy and ambition, and a few months later I was old and used up.

My long dark brown hair was replaced with first a bald head then short curly gray hair. My skin showed new wrinkles each day. Old scars once only a memory, came to the fore again. The treatment was over and a different older, used up body was left.

I had a life to live, but a body that didn’t act, look or react the same as the one I had grown to know so well.

At first I was just happy to be alive. I gothed it up just like I did before, but the energy was gone. I spent years trying to grasp at the life I once knew. Being angry at what had happened to me.

Now I’m trying to fit the pieces of my Goth life together in an way that fulfills me and does not border on the ridiculous.

I found myself turning to a doll to makeover in a Goth way where my own body doesn’t fit the bill any longer. It is a trying time for me this embracing change.

I’m glad to be a gothy Grandma Addams. I just miss the gothy glamour girl that once was.

Thank you Blossom Rock for taking the part of Grandma Addams. May you Rest in Peace.

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