Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Goth Baby Doll Knitting:

After starting the February Baby Sweater and finding the pattern too big for the doll, I pulled it out and tried a few times more to get the right gauge.

By the time I found the gauge I needed other ideas were dancing in my head. With my new gauge experiments done, I found I could make a larger pattern I found for a toddler sized hoodie (that I can’t seem to find again at the moment. I should have bookmarked the page.) into just the right size for my baby doll if I shortened the length of the body and sleeves. The original pattern was for a pink hoodie that was in baby/sport yarn and size 7 needles.

I went with some #1 dark gray sock yarn that I had on hand and I used sized 3 needles, I knit loose so this worked for me. While looking for a spider chart I found a pattern for a skull and cross bones I liked. (I tried to get that link for you but the page has been pulled in the last few days.) With some variegated pink and light gray sock yarn and I added just the skull.

Goth baby hoodie.

I need to go out and get a gray zipper for it, but for now I added a few ties to keep it closed in front.

I like this baby knitting. Faster then my size for sure. Now she needs fingerless gloves and socks and a hollowig or two and… but I shouldn’t get carried away now, should I?


Mouse said...

OMG.. how awesome! She also needs striped stockings!!

Gaius Balter said...

It's quite good actually!