Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Homer the Spider:

Well there were no guesses for the thirty points, but in case you were wondering. Here it is.

Wednesday Addams Poem
Recited to Grandma Frump on her Birthday
(Happy Birthday Grandma Frump) First Aired 2/11/66

I have a gloomy little spider
I love to sit down close beside her
She never knows where she has been
‘Cause all she does is spin and spin

My spider’s quite a busy roamer
Which is way I called her Homer
She loves to work and spin all day
And then at night she likes to play

Her web is like my mother’s hair
Her eyes have got my father’s stare
She may not jump or twist or bend
But a spider is a girl’s best friend


Gaius Balter said...

That's actually quite a good poem! I found it very imaginative and liked the fact a creepy thing like a spider was portrayed as something quite playful - very clever!

Mouse said...

I didn't see the "challenge" in your original post.. bummer!