Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Being Distracted from Blogging:

Yes, I have been missing the last few days.

A few small, but time consuming family things going on, so I haven’t had the time to take the pictures of the Olympic Knitting UFO’s I‘ve been playing at knitting.

Today is no different, though I am hoping to get things wrapped up soon so I can get back to business as usual.

I’m still in the market for some gothy baby knits for my baby doll, if anyone has come across a mommy/ knitting blog that is into that kind of thing. I’ve had no luck so far. Not that I’ve had much time to look for the last few days.

The weather is getting a bit of spring mixed into it. The days are not so cold and the snow is actually melting some each day. I even saw a bit of grass getting greener in the patch of lawn shoveled off for the dogs.

Spring is not as far off as it seemed like just a few days ago.

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Gaius Balter said...

Yeah, I think spring might be coming, but I don't want sound too presumptuous because I know it might get really cold again. Where I live it is kind of cold one day and okay the next, but whatever it is the sun needs to show its face more often. I just saw the picture of your dog in the blog bellow and all I can say is - it is very, very deep! We had snow, but nothing like that. I am glad that your dog is enjoying it. He seems happy and I love the monkey on his back!!!!!