Friday, March 12, 2010

On Goth by the Link:

A few weeks ago I changed my home page to igoogle. I played around with the apps for the page and came up with the combination I liked. I had a pet spider for a few days and named her Homer. (Thirty points if you get the reference.)

One of the apps I chose from a long list, under the add stuff button, was ‘Goth - Goggle Blog Search’ and it gives me up to nine blog/websites that use the word ‘Goth in their post.’ This list changes about three times a day.

It was not so much of a Goth run blog finder as a search engine for the word goth. So, I got all sorts of people using the word goth as a catch word, people using the word goth to mean anything with the use of black, and also those with anti-goth sentiments.

Still, some very good, pro-Goth sites got through.
I found ‘Bats! Meow,’ a small internet business of goth clothing including those for babies and kids. What caught my eye was a pretty gray and black lace Goth Christening Gown from there. This gown was being mocked by a mommy blogger who has yet to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I also found Goth Ilk, Catch Goth Style, Confessions of a Fabulous Fat Chick, and Tatted Adventures of a Complicated Girl who although is not goth herself has some very pretty tatted jewelry for sale that some Goth girls could die for.

There are some depressing Goth blogs full of death poetry and doom. Other blogs just trying to sell Goth fashion to the masses. And the ‘I am the definitive Goth and I will tell you what is wrong with all other Goths out there’ bloggers. But for the most part I am having a good time finding the better ones on the web.

On YouTube there are Goth cartoon series like Gothkyd and video blogs like Miss Hannah Minx.

I did find one blog that stood out for me as an information tool. ‘The Goth Blog - Brought to you by Trelli at’ This is a nice combination of info, Goth news and a bit of fun.

Click on the link on the side and you get more info in a well grouped way. The ‘View the Types’ tab is really nice to find an ever growing variety list of Goth sub types that make up most Goths as a whole. Most like myself are a mix. Click on the type and you go to the page where that type is explained. Easy, nice and informative to the Goth and Non-Goth alike.

There is also a link on the links page of the above site to get you to that much beloved site ‘Gothic Charm School.’ Like its name says, it teaches how a Goth can put his or hers best foot forward. And there is now also a book on the subject by the same Author.

I do wish the app was more selective, replenished itself more often, and I got less Goth haters in the mix, but for now I’ll keep the app. I’ve found some very nice and helpful Goth people out there that I hadn’t found by just hunting and pecking around the web by myself.

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