Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Reasons I Know Spring is Coming:

In no particular order:

There are ants visiting the dogs water bowl inside the house.

Melting snow.

Muddy foot prints on the floor.

Laundry hanging outside to dry.

Rubber boots lined up by the door.


Windows opened for a short time each day.

Green things starting to grow again.

Less layers needed to go outside.

Mud puddles.

More time between refilling the woodstove.

Flowering plants trying to raise their heads.

Dogs digging in the mud.

Moles leaving the excess mud from their tunnels on the lawn.

The birds are singing again.

And did I say Mud?


whitey said...

mud is one thing you are not lacking! we had a touch of spring but winter is paying us a visit hopefully it is a short one

Mouse said...

Its muddy here in Georgia as well.. although our mud is the most unusual red color! The kitties have been loving "open window time" and I'm waiting anxiously until I can unseal (weather-stripping) the windows all over the house and remove the heavy blankets from the bed.