Friday, August 28, 2009

On Other Wedding Crafting:

There was a book I put together for them of envelopes and blank cards. It was for the guests to add their thoughts, advice, wishes or poems to the wedding couple.

The cover of their’s had a nice tree on it. The mock up page here has slightly different colors then the ones that went into making their book. Their colors were chocolate brown and sage green with tan, ivory and other greens as accents.

It was made on the idea of a scrap book. But this one has 8 X 8 inch pages, not the 12 X 12 inch pages of a scrap book. And some of the pages had only three envelopes on it because one of the envelopes was bigger (the size of two of the smaller ones.) for more wordy messages.

Each page had a slightly different combination of envelopes and cards, in placement, sizes or colors to mix it up. Their’s had only one color for the stickers because they had already found the color they had been looking for in a roll of one thousand. But that could easily be changed for the wedding couple involved if you are taking our idea and making it your own. We had more envelopes and card in it then guests because some people liked it so much they went back a few times. Email me if you want more instructions.

The book made a big hit because people could leave their thoughts without having others reading the cards as each writer sealed the envelope closed with a sticker when they were done.

The wedding couple felt like it was a book of hidden treasure. As they went through the sealed envelopes and found privet heart felt thoughts, memories, or treasured pictures of them drawn by the children attending.

The crafting of the table and place cards was done like this: Each table had a tree named plaque on it with a picture of the tree leaf. And the place cards had a cut out of that trees leaf glued on the corner. The head table was Maple. Ours was Sassafras. There were oak, elm, chestnut, linden, aspen, cottonwood, ginko, willow, beach, sycamore and others. (Friends of the newlyweds are marrying in the fall and are using apple names for their tables.)

The difference here was the groom had made laser cut out leaves with the name of the tree burned into it made out of wood. He stained the leaves a little darker and he made the wooden name place cards that the leaves were attached to in the same way for the persons name, along with the plaques for the tables with the tree names. They were lovely and unique. Even if they had paper place cards and leaves it would have been nice. But the wooden ones were just special.

I wish I could show you the place cards but I can’t without showing you names of people that I don’t have permission to show you here. But I do have a few of the extra leaves. They are no bigger then two inches across for the biggest one.

Answers to center piece questions: The confetti on the tables and center pieces, on yesterdays blog, were little paper leaves made by anyone who wanted to help and didn’t have much crafting skills. The wedding couple had bought leaf hole punches at various crafting stores and off the web for the job. And the slices of wood had to be kept damp and then oiled to keep them from splitting before the wedding.

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