Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On I Can‘t Find the Right Pair of Scissors:

My mother is going to arrive any minute here at Lady Euphoria’s Manor House on the mountain top. If you could call a small six and half room, one floor home, with no attic or basement or even a real porch a Manor house.

The floors are still wet from washing them in this hot and humid weather and they are dotted with rags like stepping stones so no one slips.

I have toilet bowl cleaner still in the bowl doing it’s thing, dishes drying themselves on the drain board, 27 rows to knit on a sweater for the wedding weekend, not to mention putting the pieces together, a hem to put in a pair of slacks, and a honey colored top to make for the wedding itself all before I leave very early on Thursday morning.

I have beds to re-sheet and the house hold laundry hanging on the cloths line (The wind today is thankfully moving the other way, thanks for asking.) We have last minute shopping for food stuff for the four days we will be there and the wedding itself is not taking place. (Me for my allergies and my mom for her health concerns. Easier then having the whole weekend menu changed for us.)

My finger nails look really bad and they need a good going over. I still have to practice putting on normal makeup one or maybe two more times. (I haven’t worn makeup unless it is gothy for the last umpteen years. And doing the normal thing still looks and feels just plain wrong when I do it.) Wedding pictures you know.

Last minute ironing and the car to pack with the center piece’s parts, baskets for ‘lost and found’ and things and one for the flower girl‘s peddles, lawn games for afternoon entertainment and wedding photo probs, food, clothing and the crafting stuff for putting the rest of the decorations together.

Will I ever be ready to leave for the wedding?

The answer my friends is, ‘no.’ Not because I didn’t get everything done in time, but because this is my last child and my baby. I’ve surprised myself by feeling so attached after so many years of her being on her own. Time to cut that last apron string and I don’t want to do it just yet.

This is going to take some extra large scissors and maybe blood letting on my part I think. And I'm still smiling.



ree rax. It will all be fine.

Try to just enjoy to moment.

Mouse said...

I'm wishing you a stress-free and joyful day for your daughter's wedding... *hugs*

(also.. I hear that white vinegar takes nasty smells out of things..)

rabbitIng said...

keep smilin', it WILL all come right in the wash - sorry about the bad pun! ;)

I have admired the way you have kept soldiering on in the face of the sheer contrariness of life, the more so as my life is a bit like that right now. I daren't even blog about it, for fear of drawing the Wicked Fairy's attention even more to my case.

I wish you, your daughter and her Prince Charming a fabulous wedding, and am really looking forward to hearing all about it, and seeing some lovely photos! very best wishes. :)